Operational Excellence Solutions

Operational Excellence

Octagona India, thanks to the services of its parent company Bonfiglioli Octagona Group, is now offering in India operational excellence solutions. Under this, we provide services dedicated to Process Excellence, Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing concepts. The target industries that could benefit from the these services are: Large Scale Retail, Public Services, Banks & Financial Services, Food & Consumer Goods, Life Sciences, Industrial Goods and Automotive.

The specific services we offer under this highly evolved vertical are :

  • Value Generation
    • Value Proposition
    • Business Redesign
    • Salesforce Management
    • New Product Development
    • Product Management
    • After Sales
  • Value Chain Excellence
    • Supply Chain Strategy & Execution
    • Service Process Design
    • R & D
    • Sourcing & Procurement
    • Manufacturing Excellence
    • Distribution
    • After Sales
  • Digitalization
    • Strategy For Digital Operations
    • Data Analytics
    • Digital Blueprint
    • Sw & Partner Selection
  • International Business
    • Business Design & Execution
    • Business Development & Integration
    • Operational Evolution
    • Supply Chain Evolution
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