Intellectual Property Rights

We, at Octagona India, consider Intellectual Property as an invaluable asset and put it at par with other corporeal assets. With our knowledge of domestic and international intellectual property laws, we provide guidance to our clients on registration, protection and transfer of Intellectual Property rights, domestically and internationally. Wherever required, through our team and external partners, we furnish legal & litigation support as well. Menace of infringement of Intellectual Property is not uncommon. To support our clients through it, we relay creative solutions and necessary legal support.

Our full set of services related to Intellectual Property Rights include:

  • Search Report
  • Help in choosing correct class for registration (if applicable)
  • Filing registration application
  • Follow-up till registration certificate is issued
  • Representation service for show-cause hearings and opposition hearings
  • Advisory and consultancy on foreign exchange laws, non-compete fees, Intellectual Property laws and taxation laws pertaining to transfer, assignment and licensing.
  • Drafting agreements for transfer, assignment and licensing.
  • Negotiating with client’s counterparts on their behalf.
  • Filing documentation with Government Departments to effectuate transfer, assignment and licensing, whenever required.
  • Guidance on detecting infringement
  • Providing tactful solutions in case infringement is detected
  • Legal and litigation support for infringement
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