Outsourcing & Vendor Development

Many times, especially in the Indian context, the requirement of a foreign corporation may not be to invest or sell in India. It could be the opposite – to buy or source products from India. It is well-known that India has over the past decade and a half become a major sourcing hub for corporations around the world cutting across a range of industry sectors. This is where we as a premier procurement services provider and strategic sourcing consulting firm in India can help your business.

End-to-End Procurement Consulting Services

One of the services that Octagona India renders as Procurement Consultants in India to its foreign clients is Outsourcing and Vendor Development. Under this, we are capable of providing the following services:

Procurement Support for Your Business, Today and Tomorrow

India has shown itself as one of the fastest growing economies in the past few decades which worked as a magnet to many of the foreign investors. Though it provides a huge number of customers, because of cultural diversity and different requirements of Indian people, it is not easy to set up and run a business without experts’ help.

Business needs to be handled differently which requires top-notch experts who can make an excellent strategy for the business and easily identify a long-term solution for a new supplier, raw materials, employees and other logistic support.

Our industry-specific experts at Octagona provide you with the solution based on your unique needs after deep market research. A team of dedicated professionals goes beyond the traditional approach of business solution and use all of their expertise and experience to ensure minimum or no error while executing the plan to not only ensure a quick win for the organization but long-term success.

Our Experience Becomes Your Strength

We do not just help you but stay with you all along the way of your success. Experts are loaded with experience and world-class technology with an ability to perform critical insight research to look at problems and plan the strategy to meet the business expectation.

Our seasoned experts loaded with tons of experience and armed by the latest technology offer their extraordinary market intelligence and come up with innovative ideas to outperform other enterprises. Our specialist knowledge in a wide range of industries is completely concentrating on the ground realities of the market. We offer the business a real-time insight to ensure the success of the enterprise is not on reports only but authentic results.

Our advisory team is fully fervent to execute their out-of-the-box thinking and amazing business strategy that ensures success. We deploy a detailed plan to higher the profit curve of your business.

We Drive Value through Sourcing and Procurement Transformation

As one of the top procurement consulting companies in India, we offer extensive client-oriented support to ensure long-term success. Octagona believes in making client specific procurement strategy and executes it perfectly to achieve the ambitious plans. With our strategic plans equipped with the best available technology, we aim for the organization to not only meet the goals but also to exceed it.

The deep insight of data from our industry-specific sourcing and procurement consultants creates and sets up a benchmark to define success in new terms. Our client-oriented approach ensures structured support with the unique client-specific solution as per market standard.

Octagona will help you accomplish a successful environment and configure a culture to exceed the expectations and boost the team into an autopilot mode to ensure long-term success.

How can we help you?

If you have a strong sense of commitment to take your business to overseas markets, look no further: Octagona’s experienced and multilingual consultants shall assist you at every step.

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