Post-Incorporation Solutions

Once a corporate entity has been established, a bank account opened and all mandatory registrations obtained, the entity is ready to do business. At this stage the entity should have the right people can who handle both front-end (i.e. business development, sales and service functions) and take care of the back-end (accounting, payroll, taxation, human relations, company secretary and legal).

One of Octagona’s core capabilities is to comprehensively manage the back-end processes of the client’s organisation. We have the right resources (internal and external), experience and academic / professional capabilities to do so. Engaging with Octagona to handle the back end helps the client save precious time and resources by not hiring internal staff to do the same activities. The management of the entity can get a bird’s eyeview of their business at any point in time.

How can we help you?

If you have a strong sense of commitment to take your business to overseas markets, look no further: Octagona’s experienced and multilingual consultants shall assist you at every step.

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