Real-Estate Solutions

A company needs an address to conduct its business from: a corporate office, a branch office, a factory or a warehouse. Working with a team of external associates, Octagona India can assist our clients to find the best option of a business address anywhere in the country. We advise our clients on the pros and cons of each location in relation to certain parameters such as capital and rental value, manpower (talent) availability, connectivity by land, air or sea, security concerns, supplier base proximity, city suitability for expatriates and so on. Not only do we do the shortlisting of properties, but also we do the due diligence of the chosen property and help in negotiations between the contractual parties. Under the power of attorney, we can also execute the contract on behalf of our clients in case if required. Specifically, our work includes:

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If you have a strong sense of commitment to take your business to overseas markets, look no further: Octagona’s experienced and multilingual consultants shall assist you at every step.

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