Marco Mammoliti SpA

Marco Mammoliti SpA, an Italian company, was founded in 1985 with the idea of creating products which could unite state-of-the-art design with technology. They are makers of high-end tapware, whirlpool tubs, shower cabins, and columns and bathroom accessories. The company is well recognised for its excellence in design and quality in all the countries where they sell their products.

Marco Mammoliti SpA wanted to source some of their products from India for sale in European markets. They approached Octagona in late 2017 with a request to help them understand the taxation structure in the country, do a background check on some potential manufacturing partners in North India, draft and finalise a product supply agreement and hire a local Indian staff from the tapware industry to in order to achieve their sourcing objective in India.

Team Octagona delivered on all these requirements and within a few months of the first interaction, Marco Mammoliti had selected their manufacturing partners in India; executed a product supply agreement with them and had a dedicated and qualified staff representing them in India. Taking advantage of lower production costs in India they have successfully been able to shift the production from Italy and China to India while still maintaining the high quality.

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