Mecvel Technologies Private Limited

The seeds of this company were sown in the Indian market back in 2014 when they identified a local resource and Octagona India took him on its payroll so that business development work of this company in India could get started. In 2017, when the parent company was satisfied with the results obtained in the market, they decided to set up a local company through Octgaona India and thus Mecvel Technologies Private Limited came into being.

Following the incorporation (which also included giving the new company a registered address), we opened two bank accounts for the company, obtained all the mandatory registrations and assisted the company in obtaining the Customs SVB registration.

Now we are handling the mandate of the back-office activities of the company such as Accounting, Payroll, Taxation, Audit Assistance, Company Secretary compliances, Tax returns, GST returns, Statutory Audit Assistance. Octagona is also assisting the company in negotiating a technology license agreement with an Indian company as well as looking for a manufacturing facility in India.

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