Procurement & Vendor Development

Procurement & Vendor Development

Many times, especially in the Indian context, the requirement of a foreign corporation may not be to invest or sell in India. It is the opposite – to buy or source products from India. It is well-known that India has, over the past two decades, become a major sourcing hub for corporations around the world cutting across a range of industry sectors.

We understand if our client needs a local manufacturing partner, there has to be complete scrutiny to reduce the chances of error. We know that any inaccuracy may dent the brand reputation of the client, along with bearing losses. It is therefore necessary for companies to go beyond the traditional approach of calling for tender. Instead, following a thorough process, which is able to cover Indian geography and providing value-addition, helps in reducing the possibility of error.

Under this vertical, we render the following services:

  • New Supplier Identification
  • Running RFI, RFP And RFQ
  • Supplier Quotation Analysis
  • Supplier Visits & QCDM Audits
  • Price Negotiations
  • Sample/Prototype Development
  • Ongoing Inspection
  • Logistics Advisory
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