Legal Advisory

Legal Advisory

Market leading practice that advises domestic and international clients on full suite of transactions with special focus on complex, high-value, cross-border matters and strategic transactions. Octagona India has in-house capability in Corporate Law; Employment/Labour Law; Anti-corruption and Fraud Investigation; Arbitration and Dispute Resolutions; Mergers & Acquisitions (M & A); Joint Venture (JV) Due Diligence; Insolvency and Bankruptcy; Liquidation, Winding Up & Fast Track Exit (FTE).

A detailed list of services is given below: -

  • Drafting, Vetting & Finalisation of Legal Documents / Contracts
  • Debt Collection - Amicable & Legal
  • Comprehensive Legal Due Diligence
  • Insolvency & Liquidation
  • Capital Structures & Fund Raising
  • Comprehensive External Commercial Borrowings (ECB) support
  • Arbitration and Litigation
  • Forensic Investigations
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Enquiry Form

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