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Accounting and Finance

Octagona India provides you with a full range of accounting and finance processes that are scalable as per your business needs. With us as your delivery partner, you have an extended team that has the expertise, agility, flexibility, and service orientation to meet your dynamic needs. Free from day-to-day concerns of transactions management, resourcing and people management, you can turn your energy, time and attention to the priority driven areas of your business and keeping tight control over its finances. Outsourcing the Accounting function has proved to be a very productive strategy for all our clients around the world as they are able to save substantial costs by not appointing an in-house accounting team and buying necessary software and running the risk of discontinuity through employee turnover.

Our services cover all aspects of accounting including: -

  • Maintenance of Books of Accounts
  • Bank Reconciliations
  • Project-Wise Reporting & Specialised Accounting
  • Preparation of Cash Flow & Fund Flow Statements
  • Preparation of Management Information System (MIS)
  • Budgeting for Indian Financial Year & Foreign Financial Year
  • Indian Subsidiary Group Reporting Package
  • Stock or Inventory Verification, Valuation & Aging
  • Expenses Reimbursement Management
  • Provision Of Certificates by Practicing Chartered Accountant
  • Corporate Finance Consulting & Transformation
  • CFO Support & Financial Controller Services
  • Financial Due Diligence & Valuation Services
  • Health Checks Assessing Accounting Risks or Wrongdoings
  • Handling Tax Authority Notices & Client Representations
  • Assistance In Completion of Statutory, Tax & Transfer Pricing Audits & as well as Transfer Pricing Study Reports
  • Country-By-Country Reporting (CbCr) Services
  • Government Notices Representation Management
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