Taxation Advisory

Taxation Advisory

There is no time like now for effective corporate tax advice. The professionals at Octagona India provide the alternatives you seek and will achieve the most efficient results for your tax planning needs. Our clients, which are both Indian businesses and multinationals, face a wide range of challenges dealing with domestic and international tax laws. Effective tax advice, innovative planning to reduce the tax burden you confront and enhancing your company's financial performance is our focus. As the advisor of choice for a growing number of privately run and public companies, clients recognise that our research, our case development and our undeniable expertise, makes for pervasive and refreshing solutions. Whether it is to deal with the complex decisions surrounding a transaction, a restructuring, the impact of rapidly changing tax legislation, indirect tax compliance or simply managing corporate income and capital taxes, Octagona India has the experience necessary to help you optimize your tax position.

Our team will guide you through possible options related to tax obligations and what steps to take to comply with local rules:

  • Domestic Tax Applicability & Obligations
  • Tax Advisory for International Expansion & Cross Border Transactions
  • Permanent Establishment (PE) Guidance Including Country-Specific PE Interpretations
  • Health Checks Assessing Tax Risks & Opportunities for Cost Savings.
  • Comprehensive Goods & Services Tax (GST) management
  • Tax Deduced at Source (TDS) & Tax Collected At Source (TCS) Calculations & Prompt Return Filing
  • Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement (DTAA) Interpretation & Advisory
  • Advisory And Assistance in Lower Tax Deduction Certificate (LTDC)
  • Transfer Pricing Documentation (Economic & Functional Analysis)
  • Mergers & Acquisitions (M & A) Regulatory Advisory & Due Process
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